Mission Statement

Black Devil Productions is creating new ways to promote natural history cinematography in Tasmania and around the planet focusing on unique Australian wildlife having filmed with international film crews and credits with David Attenborough, Extreme Fishing, National Geographic and other productions around the world with projects in Australia, Switzerland, UK and Italy. We specialise in producing wildlife documentaries about the flora and fauna of Tasmania and Australia main land, with the endless choices of scenery, from wilderness, pristine beaches, open grassy plains, dry bush, rivers, high mountain lakes or snow capped peaks, taking you to some of the most remote areas of Tasmania, to experience one of the wildest places on the planet.




Being a film production company the main mission of Black Devil Productions is to promote and develop the Tasmanian films and Tasmanian film industry in its greatest height. It has been working for the promotion and development of natural history films, short films and documentaries. It has been participating in various film festivals and supporting filming activities and local business in Tasmania. It has an aim to promote Tasmania as a filming destination. It is also trying to create good relationships with international film production companies and broadcasters to help promote and uplift Tasmanian film industry and its activities.

Max Moller

Max Moller is an internationally acclaimed Specialist Natural History Cinematographer and a freelance Director of Photography (DOP) based in Tasmania, Australia. Full member of the prestigious Australian Cinematographers Society and the director of Black Devil Productions as a Tactical Field DOP for all your extreme outdoor/nature based filming. Residing in the Tasmanian Wilderness, he can climb, fly, jump and dive to the most far flung places with his cinema camera firmly attached to him to gain access to some of the most remote areas deep in wildlife habitat. In a previous life, Max served time in the armed Special Forces with survival skills in high mountain altitudes to deserts and forests, but has since swapped his weapons to shoot with a camera. Unable to shake his love for adrenaline, Max now spends his time hiking, rafting and climbing to remote areas searching for endangered animals or interesting natural areas.


Damon Heather

Damon Heather is our DOP assistant and part of the field tactical filming crew as an ex-full time ADF and current Army reserve personnel, Damon has all the necessary survivor skills to be deployed with Max Moller in the wilderness, rivers, mountains, desert or wherever the shot would be required. Damon is on the learning path of natural history cinematography already demonstrating an amazing eye for detail and learning capabilities assisting with the operation of our RED Epic super HD 5K cinema camera.


Christine Moller-Foster

Christine Moller-Foster is our in house researcher / scientist with a Bsc in Environmental Science and Chemistry. Christine can provide the latest in depth information about all scientific issues in particular environment, conservation and biology. She has experience in providing detailed reports and literature reviews of scientific journals and extensive knowledge of Tasmanian ecology.

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