Natural History Cinematography

Black Devil Productions is creating new ways to promote natural history cinematography in Tasmania and around the planet focusing on unique Australian wildlife with an extensive specialisation in filming platypus,tasmanian devils,wombats,echidnas and many other subjects on request. Black Devil Productions is an independent production company based in Tasmania, Australia.Black Devil Productions can specialise in producing wildlife documentaries about the flora and fauna of Tasmania and around the planet with the endless choices of scenery, from wilderness, pristine beaches, open grassy plains, dry bush, rivers, high mountain lakes or snow capped peaks. With military outdoor survival training,we can safely take you to some of the most remote areas of Tasmania, to experience one of the wildest places on the world.

From cutting natural history to daring adventures and fascinating cultures, our documentaries entertain and inspire with projects in Australia, UK, Switzerland and Italy.


Black Devil Productions have developed projects around the globe with screen credits and wildlife and sceneries footage supplier to David Attenborough, BBC, National Geographic Channels, Discovery Channel, Science Channel, Smithsonian Channel, A & E Television Networks, Travel Channel, 3net and NHK.



Stock: We have an amazing collection of Super HD 4K and above stock footage as well as high-resolution stills of various rare Australian natural history moments.

Production Services: We offer full production services from conception to project completion in Tasmania.

Research: Our team is well versed in undertaking research to come out with ideas not used before in any other films, tie-up experts, researchers working in the field as well as officials for interviews etc.

Black Devil Productions is worldwide renowned for its ability to bring the most amazing wildlife in to footage capturing images exclusively in 4K and above with our RED Epic digital cinema cameras never seeing before.


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