Specialist Natural History Cinematographer

Max Moller is the director of Black Devil Productions and Director of Photography with specialisation in Tactical Field Crew (TFC) . He can gain access to some of the most remote areas deep in wildlife habitat. In a previous life, Max served time in the armed special forces with survival skills in high mountain altitudes to deserts and forests, but has since swapped his weapons to shoot with a camera. Unable to shake his love for adrenaline, Max now spends his time hiking, rafting and climbing to remote areas searching for endangered animals or interesting natural areas. Max is fluent in both English and Spanish and approaches everything he does with equally adrenaline pumped enthusiasm. Not only is Max an energetic presenter with footage and service credits including National Geographic, Extreme Fishing, David Attenborough and many others but also as a cameraman and filmmaker he can shoot some of the most interesting and hard to find species with creative and artistic flair.


D.O.P. Assistant

Damon Heather is our Freelance Assistant Director of Photography with specialisation in Tactical Field Crew (TFC). He is also a full member of the Australia Defence Force and currently is a part-time army reserve. Damon is gaining experience and knowledge working alongside Max capturing images never seen before and with his enthusiasm and motivation, has become a valuable member of our team. He is specialising in shooting with our RED digital cinema camera where he is already showing a great eye for detail and outstanding cinematography skills.

Christine Moller-Foster (Bsc)


Christine Moller-Foster is our in-house researcher with a Bachelor of Science. Christine has extensive knowledge of Australian ecology and can provide information on shot locations, latest scientific research, writing accurate and informative scripts and liaising with specialist scientists in a wide range of fields. She has spent much of her life living in the Australian countryside but has also travelled extensively overseas and is capable of handling research, business administration, obtaining information regarding permits and local regulations and providing invaluable support to Black Devil Productions in all facets of the business.

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